Arif Husain

  • Founder And Director – Union Traders
  • Founder –  Radiant Masala , A Product of Union Traders
  • Chairman And Managing Director – Skyscrapers


Our vision for Union Traders is to provide the best quality agricultural goods to customers to keep their health in mind.

Radiant Masale’s motive is to provide good quality masala in several cities of India liked by many industries and consumers.

Our vision is to make Skyscraper a way to transform concrete buildings into lively cities with not just cement but love too, we want to transform houses into homes and buildings into souls.


I am an innovative thinker with strong due diligence, entitlement, and investment consulting acumen. Demonstrated success in developing and seamlessly executing plans for offices, industrial, retail, mixed-use apartments, shopping centers, and multifamily properties.

Recognized for maximizing performance by implementing appropriate recapitalization strategies through analysis of details to gain an understanding of market trends and relationships. I am a driven Real Estate professional with comprehensive complishments leading sellers and buyers in single-family homes, townhomes, and other kinds of residential or commercial real estate buildings. I am passionate about helping people find homes in the most livable regions. I am a self-directed commercial real estate leader leading strategies, development, financing, leasing, disposition of cross-functional project teams to ensure success and achieve goals.

I believe in quality and that is how Union Traders helps in manufacturing good quality cereals and grains, mentha, and tulsi oils, and helps it get exported in different cities and some countries abroad. We also work in producing good quality masala and provide it to the consumers.

Apart from work, I have an obsession with gadgets and cars and I am a Music person too. I always try my best to help the ones who are in need with the best possible ways and pure intentions. I really want to contribute to making the world around us a happy and comfortable place for all. Since 1975, my family has been in the business of Real Estate. It has been around 6 years since I joined my family business. Our purpose is to make every city of our country well developed, proceeding cost-effective services to our clients and fulfilling their expectations excellence in delivering our customers with premium quality and economical residential and commercial locale, by engaging a team of highly driven and esteemed Employees

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